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Yakima BigStack Kayak Rack Review Video & Demonstration

0 Yakima BigStack Kayak Rack Review Video & Demonstrationhttp://www.orsracksdirect.com/yakima-bigstack-kayak-rack-8004041.html
Yakima 8004041 BigStack kayak rack review video & demo by ORS Racks Direct. Demonstration movie of the Yakima Racks Big Stack kayak stacker premium features. Compatible with any aftermarket multi-purpose base roof rack systems including Yakima, Thule, Inno etc. Also mounts directly to virtually all factory racks. Includes all universal mounting hardware, pair of premium padded kayak stacker uprights, pair of heavy duty load straps and pair of bow & stern tie-down straps. The Yakima BigStack is a great solution for stacking kayaks on your car roof top. Uses up less crossbar space than other kayak rack styles, allowing you to carry multiple kayaks or use along side other gear carriers on your roof rack. BigStack uprights are lockable to prevent theft and can also conveniently fold down when not in use.

Duration : 0:4:50

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How To: Tie-Down Bow & Stern

0 How To: Tie Down Bow & Sternhttp://www.discountramps.com/canoe-carrier-racks.htm

We will be demonstrating a few techniques to help you properly tie-down the bow & stern of your canoe or kayak to the roof of your vehicle. For this demonstration we will be using Thule’s Quickdraw Tie-Downs, Quick Loop Strap and Hood Loop Strap.


Duration : 0:3:27

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atv tie down strap sack video_hd.wmv

0 atv tie down strap sack video hd.wmvThe tie down strap sack installs to your existing tie downs, ratchet straps, cam straps, canoe tie downs, etc.. in seconds. There is no need to purchase additional tie down. When the Strap Sack is used with your tie downs, it holds all of the excess strapping and covers the ratchet. There is no need for additional tying of the strap. The Strap Sack prevents tying, flapping and, dragging of the excess strapping or tail of the tie down strap. After use, the Strap Sack stores all of the excess tie down strapping preventing tangling with other tie downs, bungees, or rope. The Strap Sack is available in for tie down from 1″ to 2″ widths. We also have several colors and different quality materials for different types of applications. Some common applications for our product is as follows: canoe tie downs, kayak straps, trailer ratchet straps, atv tie down straps, snowmobile tie downs, motorcycles soft ties, and misc. use of tie down straps for homeowners and other industries.

Duration : 0:1:30

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